010 Nico Bevacqua - JS build tooling, development workflow, and his new book JavaScript Application Design

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Nico Bevacqua, the author of JavaScript Application Design which is in early access at Manning, explains more about JS continuous development, integration, and deployment. We discuss build tools, module systems, component architectures, MVC, and finally the experience of writing a traditionally published book.

JavaScript Application Design

Episode Info

  • Episode: CW 010
  • Published: August 8th, 2014
  • Tags: nodejs, js,jsconf
  • Duration: 29:10

Episode Notes

  • 01:35 - Why build first?
  • 03:25 - Continuous development
  • 05:00 - Continuous Integration - Travis-CI
  • 05:20 - Continuous Deployment - Heroku, Amazon EC2
  • 06:20 - Build tools - grunt, gulp, npm - determining the best choice
  • 11:35 - JS Modules - AMD, CommonJS (CJS), ES6 Modules, RequireJS, Browserify, AngularJS DI
  • 15:00 - HTTP/2 efficient parallel streaming potentially reducing need for bundling
  • 16:30 - Browserify limitations and CommonJS
  • 18:30 - App design, modularity, package managers (component, bower, npm)
  • 20:20 - Current state of building components - Bower, Component, Polymer, Web Components, AngularJS, ReactJS
  • 22:24 - MVC Frameworks - AngularJS, ReactJS and the Virtual DOM
  • 23:35 - Experience writing JavaScript Application Design published by Manning
  • 27:35 - Following Nico

JavaScript Application Design - Manning

Published by Manning, currently available as early access edition - Purchase at Manning


Video / Slides

Watch Nico Bevacqua’s JSConf talk on YouTube

Slides from Nico Bevacqua JSConf 2014: Front End Ops Tooling - Slideshare

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