RICS Monitor: Global CRE Sentiment Keeps Deteriorating

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The increasingly uncertain economic conditions continue to make an impact in commercial real estate around the world. Under pressure from both high inflation and monetary policy tightening, the commercial real estate sector in the Asia Pacific region appears to be facing downward risks, according to the latest RICS research paper. In Europe, the higher interest rates and weakening economic backdrop are weighing heavily on market sentiment, while the Q3 results across North America point to a further deterioration in sentiment, particularly for investment. The Middle East seems to be the standout performer in terms of the sentiment provided by contributors to the latest survey, led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Commercial Property Executive Senior Editor Laura Calugar talked to RICS Senior Economist Tarrant Parsons about the results of survey.

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • The overall economic context (0:53)
  • The standout performer in terms of the sentiment in Q3 (2:03)
  • Industrial, office and retail demand across the globe (4:24)
  • How credit conditions are impacting commercial development (6:16)
  • Global capital values (7:47)
  • The results of the latest survey in the APAC region (10:00)
  • The situation in Europe (11:54)
  • The commercial property market in Canada and the U.S. (13:26)
  • Expectations for the global economy in Q4 (14:58)
  • Will the global economy officially enter a recession in 2023? (16:15)

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