BIGGEST RISK with Matthew Baltzell

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J Darrin Gross

I'd like to ask you, Matthew Baltzell, what is the biggest risk?

Matthew Baltzell

Yeah, so I thought about this. And I didn't know I was formulating this thought. I mean, I've had this thought before, and it's always constantly stuck with me. And so, you know, there's a movie called Schindler's List, right. And in the movie, somebody asks Schindler, and they say Schindler, like why do I never? Why do we never see you drink? And he says, You know, I never drink. Because the reason why I don't drink is because when I drink, I give up all my power. And when I first heard that, I was like, Whoa, I was blown away, right? And so when you have your power, right, you have leverage, you actually have power. And when you say things, like, I can't go to the movie, right? It's like, you're giving up like, your power instead of like saying, I choose not to go to the movie. Like, I don't want to go to movie Hey, can you come over for dinner tonight? I can't make it like you can make it but you choose not to make it right. So basically, giving up your power is one of the greatest risks. So if you're giving up your leverage within your business, you're giving up your risk, right? If you're, if you're, if you're giving up, you know, cutting corners on underwriting deals, you're you're giving away you're giving away your risk, you're giving away your power. So I would say giving up your power is the greatest detriment that a person could do. And giving up my power, my voice, my opinion, my skill set. That to me, would be the greatest risk.

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