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This weeks show features one of O.DO.G.’s good friends Devaughn as we discuss the Astroworld tragedy, the different frequencies within music, the illuminati and much more! We also hear from some callers as they share their voice. A laugh fest as well as a needed lesson surely to keep you entertained! We Also preview some songs from the K Krills produced album "Dont Bring Flowers to My Funeral" available @

`1. West Philthy - Coffee Ralph Linen

2. King Coldpack - EDISON THEORY

3. Jay Nice - 1 of a Kind

4. Raida Jones - Rose Gold Blickers

5. BrainOrchestra, MENTaL da God - GOOD LOOK

6. Benny Vegus, Kennedy Krills, MENTaL da God - the Setback

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