097 - The Story of Uber and How Founders Delegate the Wrong Things to the Wrong People

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Running a company is not easy; it requires pragmatism, discipline, sometimes a cold heart, and learning to master the difficult art of delegation. Tune in for today’s episode which is all about the importance of finding a compliance team that shares your risk appetite so that you don’t waste valuable time and resources!

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Today's episode:

[00:50] Super Pumped: the book that inspired today’s episode.

[02:23] Some of the challenges of being a FinTech CEO.

[04:39] Why I disagree with many peoples’ opinions on why Travis Kalanick was removed from Uber.

[06:21] The benefits of experiencing security breaches in the early days of your company.

[07:19] What the risk management strategy of “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” looks like.

[10:23] Why I don’t recommend a conservative risk management approach.

[11:51] One of the biggest mistakes that founders make with regard to compliance.

[13:23] The importance of ensuring that you, as a founder, have the same approach to risk as your Chief Compliance Officer.

[14:20] Examples of compliance “noise” that you should ignore.

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