s0337 The Poles are bored... - An update on the Polish scene and perception of the game with Pumba

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This brand new episod is an update on what the Polish community and the Polish NT have been up to recently. As both Nephilim and the most recent Balance Dataslate have been let-downs, we - the players - need to come up with more and more outlandish ways of entertaining ourselves and staying sane... And boy have we gone far this time when it comes to fighting boredom. Tune in to listen do us interviewing Pumba (UKTC ref, NT member) on some of the recent ideas the Polish community has been considering. They say that from boredom comes creativity and boy are we bored :D We talk about the potential for introducing UKTC and other rule sets, W/D/L and even joining ITC. Last but not least we talk about the state of some top armies and the changes that the new Guard will bring. We hope you find it enjoyable. Mentions: Vik Vijay, David Gaylard, Steven Box, Asarnil, Wiktor, Vladdi, Duda, Zach Addington, Jokull Johansson, Mike Porter, Majson, Fred Otto, Like, subscribe and follow if you don't already!

Music: Bensound

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