Presenting Soul Savvy Business (Rebecca Cuevas)

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Welcome to Soul Savvy Business. This podcast aims to help entrepreneurs find balance and harmony at the intersection of business and spirituality.
Host Katy Valentine is a soul-minded spiritual entrepreneur. She empowers other entrepreneurs to thrive, creating a global ripple effect. Grab your free meditation at

“One of the topics that I think a lot of my work involves is integration of different aspects of wisdom and tradition. And some of the dichotomies that we've been taught are false dichotomies, you know, there really is no separation.” – Rebecca Cuevas

Rebecca Cuevas is the CEO and founder of Learn and Get Smarter where she teaches busy creative experts and entrepreneurs how to create online courses. She’s been an educator her whole career and holds a BA in English from Harvard University, as well as two master’s degrees in education.

Rebecca’s mission is to support you in fulfilling YOUR mission, through teaching online.
Her research-based Course Design Formula® can help you design anything from an entire online academy to a single lesson, workshop, or course….while ensuring a great learning experience for your course participants.
Her self-paced course, Streamlined Course Creation, will help you outline YOUR course and plan all your lessons, in as little as a weekend, using learning design best practices. You can enroll any time and work at your own pace.
Her Mastermind, The Course Design Formula® Master Course, is a community of practice for transformational online teaching. New cohorts start mid-January and mid-June. Admission is by invitation only… if interested, contact the instructor at or schedule an enrollment interview.
For private one-on-one course design coaching, you are welcome to schedule a free strategy session to discuss your unique course vision and goals.
Rebecca recently co-hosted the Transformational Online Learning Summit. She and her co-host, Mary Nunaley, interviewed over 30 experts to create a state-of-the-art snapshot of where the transformational online learning space is today. You can learn about the summit and get an all-access pass, here.
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Episode transcript: Presenting Soul Savvy Business. Coming soon.

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