EP#004: Template Talk: The Secrets to Using Done-for-You-Course Templates (The Right Way)

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Have you ever bought a course template and still found yourself at a loss for how to use it to create your course? There's a reason for that and my special Guest, Sara Flowers is joining us to spill the tea.

Sara Flowers uses her diverse experience and professional expertise to help high achievers achieve optimal health in business and beyond. She is the founder of https://www.bizbuilderbungalow.com - A site that features easy to use and effective course creation templates that actually help you get your course DONE and out into the world.

Tune in as Sara shares:

  • What to look for when buying course template packs online
  • Why most course templates fall flat in helping you crank out your course materials and curriculum
  • Where to look for high-quality course templates
  • Her best hacks for using her high-quality course creation templates in Canva
  • And More

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