Improving One on One Communication

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It’s extremely helpful to have an advocate who is willing to be candid with you.

Whether you’re like Jimmy who had people in his life willing to tell him he came across as condescending or like our other listener who wonders why he got passed over for a leadership position, an advocate can help.

An advocate can give you honest feedback right from the get-go. For example, if you come across too strong, they’ll tell you.

Direct communication can be intimidating. So, you just need to let people know that’s how you’ve been told you come across. Having open communication about this issue and being willing to admit your mistakes will help dilute the situation.

Knowing your flaws also helps prevent disappointment when you get passed over for a promotion. You won’t be left wondering why they went with someone else.

Nothing is worse than a boss that gives you false hope and, later, a bunch of excuses. The job of the leader is to develop his or her employees by telling them about their issues long before they’re offered a promotion.

If you don’t get picked, it’s probably nothing against you. It likely came down to which candidate the person picking knew better.

Altogether, be open to others’ advice. Listen to people when they tell you how you can improve. Keep your one-on-one communication open and you will do well.

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