145 - Azure Updates

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(00:00) - Intro and catching up.
(03:27) - Show content starts.

Show links
- Preview: Share images across subscriptions and tenants (Microsoft Docs)
- Generally available: Tag filtering in Azure Advisor (Azure Updates)
- Generally available: .NET 7 support for Azure Functions in isolated process model (Azure Updates)
- Defender for Cloud updates (Microsoft Docs)
- Preview: Building an automated process for improving security with governance rules (Microsoft Docs)
- Generally available: US West 3 price adjustment (Azure Updates)
- Azure StorSimple 8000/1200 series retirement (Azure Updates)
- Generally available: Microsoft Cost Details API for EA and MCA customers (Azure Updates)
- Generally available: Azure Gateway Load Balancer (Azure Updates)
- Preview: Multiple backups per day for Azure Virtual Machines (Azure Updates)
- Preview: Microsoft Graph API integration with Azure Event Grid (Azure Updates)

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