Searching for Porsche perfection with Darin Fister at FD Motorsports

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Welcome back to Curb and Canyon – a podcast for Porsche enthusiasts BY Porsche enthusiasts. In this episode we are joined by a special guest, Mr. Darin Fister of FD Motorsports - the man and the name behind the iconic "Fister sports exhaust" and a lot of other extremely popular custom Porsche performance parts. We talk about Darin's rise through the business world and Porsche culture, his shop, his parts and some stand-out moments from the last few years.
This podcast is collaboration between Porsche tragics, Andy Gaunt of ‘Last Rasp’ and James McGrath of ‘Auto Amateur’, Curb and Canyon is all about the lifestyle choice that is Porsche ownership.

We’re not experts, we’re mates having a laugh about owning and driving these great cars, the roads we’ve driven, the upgrades we’ve made, the mods we’ve messed up and the great people we’ve met along the way. We want the world to know how awesome it is to own a car with the Porsche crest on the hood!

New episodes dropping weekly with regular guests and panelists from across the Porsche world.

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