Custodians of the Planet Launch: Panel discussion on Regenerative Futures

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Custodians of the Planet explores different 'ways of being and ways of thinking' on environmental issues through audio portraits. This episode is Custodians of the Planet's launch event and the live panel discussion on regenerative futures with Associate Professor Tema Millstein (UNSW), Professor Chris Riedy (UTS), Kristen Junor of Reverse Garbage and Sara Rickard Of Futuregiving/ Fuckgiving.

About the panellists:

Tema Milstein is the Associate Professor of Environment & Society and Convenor of Master's of Environmental Management Program of the University of New South Wales. Her research and teaching focus on the intersections of culture, discourse, and ecological relations. Milstein's research interests span the globe, examining ecocultural meaning systems and identity, ecotourism and endangered wildlife, ecological activism, and culture jamming.

Chris Riedy is Professor of Sustainability Governance and Director of Higher Degree Research at the Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney. He is a transdisciplinary academic with a career focus on governance for sustainable futures. Riedy draws on sociological and political theory, futures thinking and transformative science to design, facilitate and evaluate practical experiments in transformative change towards sustainable futures.

Kirsten Junor is a creative reuse expert, the Creative Director of Reverse Garbage. Reverse Garbage is a creative reuse centre making a difference in the world by reducing waste and creating change in the way they look at resources. Reverse Garbage saves materials from going to landfill and renew their value by making them available for reuse by families, students, artists and community groups. Reverse Garbage inspires individuals on how to live creatively, more sustainably and more meaningfully.

Sara Rickard AKA the Sustainability Ninja and Fuckgiver, is both a Biomedical Scientist & Environmental Engineer. She is the Co-Founder and Chief-Doer of Futuregiving. She brings purpose and passion into everything she does. She is a published author in education, systems, design, transformative learning, and eco-footprinting. Futuregiving redefines the way they work and co-create things. They operate from a place of why, and think about the who before they look at the how, or what. They believe collectively, we can make the world more awesome.


-Baran Yildiz- Script Editor

- Krisjoe Fuertes- Tech

♪ Back to Nature - Nightmare on Wax

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