#211 Accelerating MLOps with Amazon SageMaker with Romina Sharifpour, Machine Learning Specialist at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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In today’s episode, we have Romina Sharifpour, Machine Learning Specialist at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Operationalising machine learning models, particularly scaling MLOps capability across teams within an organisation is a difficult feat.

Join Romina to find out how you can easily accelerate your MLOps journey using Amazon SageMaker Pipelines. You'll gain insights into how AWS customer Carsales keeps up with increased demand in building and productionising AI models, and their strategy to democratise AI across the whole development teams. This allows any developer to be a citizen data scientist and ML engineer by leveraging Amazon SageMaker.

Enjoy the show!

If you want to learn more about building modern applications on AWS and attend a virtual conference, just google “AWS Innovate” or click the link below.


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