DoK Talks #144 - We will Dok You! - The journey to adopt stateful workloads on k8s // Guy Menahem

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Guy Menahem - Solution Architect, Komodor
Bart Farrell - Head of Community, Data on Kubernetes Community

Stateful workloads are the heart of any application, yet they remain confusing and complicated even to daily K8s practitioners. That’s why many organizations shy away from migrating their data - their prized possession - to the unfamiliar stateful realm of Kubernetes.

After meeting with many organizations in the adoption phase, I discovered what works best, what to avoid, and how critical it is to gain confidence and the right knowledge in order to successfully adopt stateful workloads.

In this talk I will demonstrate how to optimally adopt Kubernetes and stateful workloads in a few steps, based on what I’ve learned from observing dozens of different adoption journeys. If you are taking your first steps in data on K8s or contemplating where to start - this talk is for you!


- A Developer turned Solution Architect.
- Working at Komodor, a startup building the first K8s-native troubleshooting platform.
- Love everything in infrastructure: storage, networks & security - from 70’s era mainframes to cloud-native.
- All about “plan well, sleep well”.


- Understand how critical stateful workloads are for any system, and that the key challenges to migrating it to Kubernetes are knowledge and confidence.

- How to build the foundational knowledge required to overcome adoption challenges by creating a learning path for individuals and teams.

- How to gain confidence to run stateful workloads on Kubernetes with support from the community (and yourself!)

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