DoK Talks #149 - Overcoming challenges with protecting and migrating data in multi-cloud K8s environments // Sebastian Glab & Martin Phan

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Sebastian Glab - Cloud Architect, CloudCasa by Catalogic
Martin Phan - Field CTO – Americas, CloudCasa by Catalogic
Bart Farrell - Head of Community, Data on Kubernetes Community


If you are running or planning a multi-cloud or even a multi-cluster environment, there are several considerations in implementing a data protection solution – especially if you plan on an organic home-grown, do-it-yourself option. This talk will highlight challenges and best practices around centralized management of configuration, credentials, compliance across multiple accounts, regions, providers etc. We will also highlight the deviations in CSI driver implementations of various storage vendors and cloud providers. Finally, we will cover the various recovery options available in the market today.

Kubernetes cloud services are popular since they mitigate, but do not eliminate, the difficulties of operating a Kubernetes environment. This is especially true for protecting the stateful configuration and data of your Kubernetes applications, where the inherent high-availability and infrastructure as code are not a substitute for have cloud-native backup and disaster recovery capabilities. Further, many companies now have multi-cloud strategies for their cloud-native applications. These challenges can be addressed with backup applications that are both Kubernetes managed service and multi-cloud aware in order to snapshot, copy, restore, and migrate Kubernetes workloads (resources and data) running on AKS, EKS and GKE. Capturing information from cloud accounts and how the cluster and storage resources are configured allows 1) centralized visibility into all cloud accounts and the clusters and resources in the accounts including for compliance; 2) cross-account, cross-cluster, and cross-region data restores; 3) automation of the cluster and data restores including for Dev, Test, and Production recovery use cases.


Sebastian Glab is a Cloud Architect for CloudCasa and he resides in Poland. He is responsible for integrating the different cloud providers with the CloudCasa service, and making sure that all clusters in the cloud service get discovered and protected. In his free time, he plays volleyball and develops his own projects.

Martin Phan is the Field CTO in North America for CloudCasa by Catalogic Software. With over 20+ years of experience in the software-industry, he takes pride in supporting, developing, implementing, and selling enterprise software and data protection solutions to help customer solve their backup and recovery challenges.


1) Challenges and best practices around centralized management of configuration, credentials, compliance across multiple accounts, regions, providers etc.

2) Advantages of cloud awareness and Kubernetes managed service awareness for application and data recovery and security

3) Examples of overcoming Container Storage Interface (CSI) deviations

4) Various recovery options available in the market today.

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