The Destination of Scent | An Interview with Rami Mekdachi from Lola James Harper

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Today we have Rami Mekdachi, who is the founder of Lola James Harper, our favorite scent line here at Alice Lane. We’ve been air-freighting these scents out here to sell them for the last 3 years so we can get the best fragrances to our clients. We talk about what inspires the scents Rami makes and how he is able to create custom aromas for people based on where they reside or where they have planted their own identity. Rami explains that though your body is present in whatever location you are, your mind may not be especially these days with so many distractions that surround us, but when you get smell involved, your senses and present mind will bring your mind to be present.
Creating a brand that people love to be a part of 5:18
Inspiring the scent 10:07
How making a scent for Alice Lane would work 17:01
Gifting a scent to loved ones 21:17
Lola James Harper and being present 24:03
Where to buy his scents and why he doesn’t have a shop 31:25
Music and directing a film 34:50
Favorite scent 38:45
Defining luxury 40:45
“I think that’s such a good lesson for all of us in this journey because I think we’re always manifesting something, or hoping for something, or goal oriented, or whatever, but it really is about where we are right this very minute on this journey, right? Because that’s being present and I think smell makes us really present.” 25:42
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