Nationalization of Fundraising and Other Midterm Trends with Ben Katz ISPolitical

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Ben Katz is the Chief Architect at ISPolitical and a pioneer in using the internet and technology to solve challenges for political and advocacy campaigns. Working with hundreds of campaigns in 2022, Ben has seen some significant changes in this cycle and makes the point that all politics is not local anymore. With an emphasis on the accounting side, Ben points out the increasing difficulty of reporting contributions to federal and state authorities and the value of technology to scale operations to keep costs down so that donations are not eaten up by overhead.

We talk about:

  • The increasing number of down-ballot races reaching out to raise money from a national audience, not just local voters
  • Fundraising slates
  • Celebrity status driving donations doesn't determine a winning campaign
  • The reporting requirements for campaign contributions
  • Value and costs of pursuing small-dollar donors
  • 2024 races began the first week in November, even before the midterm election
  • New challenges for future campaigns to cut through the noise

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