Dollars and Sense: Breaking Down the Racial Wealth Gap

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In this episode of Divided By Design, we’ll go deeper into how we are divided by design on economic opportunity and inclusion, including the long history of the racial wealth gap. While the United States economy has experienced both amazing highs and catastrophic lows since the end of World War II, there is one economic statistic that has remained eerily constant-- white families have on average ten times the wealth of Black families in America. At the heart of the insights on this episode, the lesson remains: by leveling the playing field for Black Americans, we help ourselves, and we help our society and our nation as a whole. This episode features conversations with PolicyLink founder Angela Glover Blackwell, Brookings’ Dr. Andre Perry, Center for American Progress’ Danyelle Solomon, HOPE Credit Union’s Bill Bynum, Nathaniel Smith of the Partnership for Southern Equity, and Garnesha Ezediaro who runs Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Greenwood Initiative.
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Written by Byron C. Hunter
Music by Jay Weigel
Editing & Sound Design by Nick Luca
Executive Producers: Ryan Berni, Robert Cappadona & Jeremiah Tittle

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