Do You Even Lift, Bro? Men Exercising Social Justice.

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Let’s be real. Men need to bring up their social justice game, and we believe there are men out there who want to but don’t know how. Jake and Carl don’t have all the answers, but they believe that opening up and doing a lot of self-reflection is one of the best ways for men to join the movement. Listen in while they try to model that process. Jake identifies as a cis-man, White, heterosexual, disabled (learning disability), middle class, agnostic, and is fan of Star Wars. Jake is a Communications major and Ethnic Studies minor and works as a member of the Red Whistle Brigade at Colorado State University. Currently Jake is working out a healthier masculinity around ableism. Carl identifies as a cis-man, mixed (Japanese and White), heterosexual, disabled (depression and hearing loss), middle class, agnostic, and has his Master’s Degree in Ethnic Studies. He serves as the Men’s Programming and Violence Prevention Coordinator at the Women and Gender Advocacy Center and this is his 14th total year at Colorado State University. He’s a huge fan of card and board games. Carl is currently working on finding healthy ways to build community around his dominant identities. Welcome to this podcast presented by 90.5 KCSU.

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