Episode 061- The Government Strikes Businesses Again

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In today's episode, we discuss several recent actions by the governing authorities which severely impact business owners if not cause them to go out of business altogether. Will small business survive COVID-19 and governmental lockdowns? Is now the right time to enforce higher labor cost on the business community? Tune into this weekly look at commercial real estate news and events. Today we highlight:

  • CBRE Global Investors buys major office building in Dallas
  • Wynwood office market to receive a 229,000 SF project in 2021
  • Discount retailers like Ross and Homegoods cave into the e-commerce trends
  • Floridians elected to move towards a $15/hour minimum wage with the first increase to hit in 2021
  • Several midwestern States impose draconian lockdowns on the small business community while going easy on Walmart and Target

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