#489 Complementary Roles of Mums and Dads With Jenet Erickson

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Justin speaks with associate Professor Jenet Erickson

Topics included in this episode:

  • The different roles that mothers and fathers can offer their children
  • Mothers impact development by building core
  • Fathers impact how children relate to the outside world
  • Mums and Dads hold their babies differently
  • A key predictor of college graduation is the involvement of a father
  • Blue brain vs pink brain
  • Fathers promote risk taking
  • Nuturing is both holding close AND letting go
  • Children benefit from both processes
  • Daughters whose fathers are not present are more likely to engage sexually at a younger age
  • Boys need to see their fathers showing love to women and children in non sexual ways
  • Gender and Parenthood by Brad Wilcox
  • Love is happiness.
  • The intentional family is a ritualising family

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