UF and FSU are Back, Memphis Message: Arm Yourself, Covid Corporatism, US Govt: Shoot Up Drugs

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Broadcasting from the Free State of Florida where the UF Gators and FSU Seminoles both are off to roaring starts after exciting wins over big name opponents this past weekend. Hopefully they can continue their winning way all the way to the annual collision course at the end of the year for the soul of College Football in Florida. The Queen of England has died. She left a legacy of in the gift of swans to the city of Lakeland here in Florida. She seemed like a genuinely nice person. Two killers in Memphis target innocent victims this past week. The take home message: arm yourself against society's predators. Don't rely on the Govt, don't rely on the police. You are the best chance to save yourself and your family when or if these predators come for you. Guns are not the problem despite what the left-wing mayors say, but a gun could save your life. The pharmaceutical companies through their philanthropic efforts with the CDC are pushing people with misgivings to get the new Covid jab--that has been tested on mice; eight of them in one study had a positive response. People who have misgivings are being bullied into getting shots they don't want in an Ad Council ad. MAGA people don't trust the Govt because they think for themselves, and don't rely on being spoon fed drivel by the Establshment. MAGA is hated equally by establishment GOP and Dems. DoctorTommy.com/podcast

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