Ep 218: Tabs Sex Chocolate: Engineering Virality from Day One

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Today we’re getting intimate with gen Z entrepreneurial icons Jake Lewin and Oliver Brocato from Tabs Chocolate, the makers of one of the most viral DTC products I’ve ever seen, growing quickly to 7 figures in its first year, without spending a dime on paid ads.

Break. Bite. Bang ➝ https://tabschocolate.com

By combining two of the world’s favorite things, Sex and Chocolate, Jake and Oliver created that was engineered from Day one to grow though virality.

  • How to build a product that engineered for virality
  • How the cheeky packaging with a few well placed emojis drives virality
  • How to sustain virality with micro-influencers
  • The influencer strategy that turns creators into “franchises” in a way that locks them in as distribution channels…

This one blew my mind, happy to report “the kids are alright” on with the show.

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