Ebay Auctions Taskforce - eBay and Stubleupon - Podcast #17

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eBay recently purchased Stumbleupon.com. The purchase price is reportedly $75 million. Adding StumbleUpon to other Ebay offerings like PayPal and Skype could greatly impact how surfers use these platforms. From 2006 to 2007, StumbleUpon showed 150% Year over Year growth. The platform engages users by allowing them to recommend online content. The more recommendations, the higher a website's content will rank in the listings. Users can also rank ads on the websites, giving advertisers an idea of how their ads appeal to the masses. The site boasts nearly 2.3 million users and 5 million daily recommendations. "We think that joining eBay is the right thing to do to help us to grow StumbleUpon to its full potential. We think eBay is a great fit for us because eBay and StumbleUpon share similar approaches – we’re both driven by our community of users, and we are both dedicated to connecting people," mentioned the StumbleUpon blog. Tim Knox and Scott Paton discuss how this could impact your eBay sales. eBay has 100's of millions of buyers and sellers. Are you taking full advantage of this huge, profitable market? Each week Scott Paton and Tim Knox discuss the latest news from the auction capital of the Internet. Whether you are starting out, an experienced Powerseller or just looking to find great deals, eBay Auction Taskforce is your source for success. Length: 15:37
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