Ep - 010 - 4 Step Framework to Increase Your Influence at Work and An Idea to Implement it Immediately

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Are you someone who wants to increase your influence at work?
Here is a simplified 4 Step Framework that you can apply very easily to start building up your Influence at work.
Don't miss out on the BONUS that I talk about towards the end of the Podcast where I give you a cool tip that you can use right away to increase your influence and put yourself in that LEADERSHIP position.
Here are the 4 steps:

  1. Work out your Strategy
  2. Craft Your Elevator Pitch (Your Message)
  3. Partner with Likeminded People To Gain Momentum
  4. Develop Expertise (Theory + Practical)

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Drop me an email at: connect@LeadershipImpactHub.com and share your takeaways and learnings!

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