S1:E1 - Beckoning

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Entropy contains depictions of graphic violence, mild language, sudden sounds and depictions of war. Listener discretion is advised.

It is a time of peace and tranquility. In the year 2309, Humanity has progressed past the Solar System, and has created several colonies across a new route of travel in the galaxy, known as the Colonial Spine. However, the unsuspecting people of Earth and her colonies will be shaken to their core by a malevolent criminal empire, hellbent on destroying humanity and building it anew...

Written & Directed by: David Ortiz

Score: Aaron Weatherford


Jan Stone: Hannah Keefer

Tyler Wildensen: Kris/Theo

Adam Parker: Spencer Coles

Rebecca Cunningham: Melissa/Pugsly

Quinton Jones: Joshua Medlock

Alexander Caldwell: Ashley Lawrence

Adrian Smith: David Ortiz

Alysia Atkins: Sharon Grunwald

Kev/Delta Four: Connor Folsom

SGT. Abrams: David Delaney

General Stevens: TheShapeShifter

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