Entropy - S1E1: Beckoning (Audio Drama)

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In the year 2309, Humanity is at an all out civil war between Earth and her colonies, as the Kepler Government seeks to rule the entire Colonial Sector with an iron grip. Using Authoritarian tactics, Kepler relentlessly slaughters it's own people in an attempt to make the Central Colonial Council (CCC)budge. With the discovery of a potential new planet suitable for colonization, the CCC and the Earth Military create a mission: To bring a team of extraordinary people to establish a base on the planet, and become beacons of hope for the dying denizens of Kepler. Written & Directed by: David Ortiz Score: Aaron Weatherford CAST: Jan Stone: Hannah Keefer Tyler Wildensen: Kris/Theo Adam Parker: Spencer Coles Rebecca Cunningham: Melissa/Pugsly Quinton Jones: Joshua Medlock Alexander Caldwell: Ashley Lawrence Adrian Smith: David Ortiz Alysia Atkins: Sharon Grunwald Kev/Delta Four: Connor Folsom SGT. Abrams: David Delaney General Stevens: TheShapeShifter VjBKUS5ZHLFZbGgSiF5P

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