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Join MEF CTO Pascal Menezes as he explores thought-provoking perspectives from the leaders and changemakers propelling enterprise digital transformation forward. Each episode delves into leading-edge business insights from top network, cloud, and technology executives and industry analysts—leaving you with key takeaways to help grow your revenue and bring services and solutions to market faster. Executives at the Edge explores topics such as: What is SD-WAN and SASE and what does market growth look like? Where does Zero Trust fit in? What are the trends shaping enterprise networking in a cloud-based world? How do you manage services at scale? What do enterprises really need in terms of services and performance? How can service providers up their game through automation? Is “network as a service” the next big thing? Why are cloud-to-cloud models taking off? And where do hyperscalers fit in the mix? This podcast is brought to you by MEF, visit us at MEF.net.

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