Ep 80 | The Secret to the Chiefs’ DEMISE | 'Let’s Go Brandon' Singer’s Red-Pill Moment

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As the Chiefs' season deteriorates, Whitlock looks back to February for a possible cause. Kansas City assistant coach — and son of Andy Reid — Britt Reid severely injured a little girl days before the team’s Super Bowl defeat. Has his impending DWI case distracted his father from his coaching work? Former Bengal T.J. Houshmandzadeh analyzes this story with Jason and looks at the dawning of the Joe Burrow era in Cincinnati. Hip-hop artist Loza Alexander joins the show to tell the tale of his No. 1 song, “Let’s Go Brandon.” “Fearless” contributor Delano Squires talks about the “religion of COVID” and Condoleezza Rice’s critical race theory comments. Plus, on “Tennessee Harmony,” the pastors take a look at the biblical role of fathers in light of the viral “Dads on Duty” news story.

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