FOF #2940 - Potato Head and the Toys That Made Us Fabulous

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In a move that undoubtedly made some folks’ heads explode like a potato in the microwave, Hasbro announced that the Potato Head toys are gender neutral and that everyone is “welcome in the Potato Head world.”
The toys will let kids create their own type of potato family and they’ll be able to mix and match gender attachments like red lips, purses and moustaches.
The announcement has us looking back at the toys we played with as kids, that made our parents wonder like the Transformers, is there more than meets the eye.
Today comedian Jake Noll joins us to take a look at the all new Potato Head World, and all wonderfully weird toys we played with as kids that inspired us to become fabulous and queer.
➤ Boney M’s hit song Rasputin makes a comeback as the Rasputin Challenge decades later.
➤ Lady Gaga’s dogs are returned.
➤ Lurid Digs is making a comeback.

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