EP.04 - Halika Dito Right Quick

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We're back with a hot one! It's a saucy episode where we discuss "How to Date a Pinoy" - joined by friends Sel & MJ. Ojay and the guys discuss a range of topics that include dating Filipinas vs Non-Filipinas, the insecurities that come up dating as a Filipino and the inherent common trait almost all Filipinos have when it comes to dating and relationships. We ask questions like, "does anyone even do the "Filipino" way of courtship anymore?" Are Filipinas passionate or psycho? 😂 Why are Filipino men such underrated lovers?! The first part of the episode is insightful and thoughtful.... then it ramps up to #HellaBastos when we share funny x-rated stories , PTSD from using Hinge and Top Spots to do the dirty in Vancouver. 🙈🤫 You won't think of the words "longganisa" and "cliffhanger" the same anymore. There goes your 'Silog'!

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"Halika Dito Right Quick" - coined by comedian @randomridge

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