Steve Hartman & Ephraim Salaam on Lawrence, Mahomes' Injury & Brandon Staley

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Steve & Ephraim talk the strength of a young Trevor Lawrence & a savvy Doug Pederson, taking the Jags to the elite 8! The fellas react to UCLA & Arizona on the hard wood and they tell you what they think of neutral site NFL playoff games. Brandon Staley takes center stage, as he threw assistants under the bus & the guys believed Staley should’ve already been fired. Will Tom Brady ever wear the Bucs uniform again? The guys react to the Jags/Chiefs Divisional Round game, where Patrick Mahomes goes down with an ankle injury! Steve tells a Shannon Sharpe story & @ProFootballDoc, Dr. Chao joins the show to explain the Mahomes injury. Adam Caplan joins the show to talk everything playoffs & Mahomes returns! Plus, they talk Raiders future QB & Danny G. asks Steve about the fake-love in Baltimore.

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