Invisible Light Episode 4

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Invisible Light takes us through the story of a man named Theophilus who shares with us his grief of losing his son and the struggle of living through a time of violence in Rome. He returns to the Gospel of Luke, which was dedicated to him, as a source of comfort and soon finds himself being transformed by the story of Christ's humble birth. What Theophilus soon discovers through Luke's Gospel is 'Emmanuel' come to life in some unexpected encounters leading him to see this "Invisible Light". Written by Br. Tim Blanchard, narrated by Friar Joseph Connick. Music licensed from Turku, Nomads of the Silk Road - (license) - "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" song credit to: Richard Foty Ernest Marquez Ken De Los Santos, members of the Seraphim and Cherubim choir. YouTube --> Website --> Woman with the yellow veil voice by Bethany Perzanowski All music used appropriately with a Music Standard License

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