Episode 25 - Monte Livingston and Andrew Ayala live from Living Art Gallery Tattoo Lounge

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On this week's episode, we take the show on the road to San Clemente, California to visit the Living Art Gallery Tattoo Lounge. We meet up with Monte Livingston and Andrew Ayala to discuss their shared passion for art and fishing.

Monte owns and operates the Living Art Gallery Tattoo Lounge. Established in 2011, is the oldest tattoo shop in San Clemente, specializing in photo realism, watercolor, neo-traditional, trash polka and traditional tattoo styles. In addition to the Tattoo Lounge, Monte also owns and operates Dahang Wear, which has innovated the way you wear hats and glasses. Their patented design allows you to snap a pair of shades directly to your hat.

Andrew owns and operates Ayala Artifacts that specializes in custom, handmade jewelry. Andrew designs and creates custom jewlery with natural stones ranging from rings and pendants to necklesses and bracelets. Andrew is a true artisan that customizes everything he can get his hands on, including his fishing rods and reels.

Both of these guys share a passion for fishing and love being on the water. Join us as we share how they both started their businesses, share some epic fishing stories, and share their favorite fish recipes.

We had a lot of fun with this one and hope you do too!

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