S16 Ep1183: The most anticipated games of 2022

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The last episode of 2021 with Danny and Parris. Roundtable discussion about the most anticipated games of 2022 with Riana and callers on Twitter Spaces.
Sponsored: NVIDIA GeForce
To celebrate the launch of The Matrix Resurrections in U.S. theaters and on HBO Max on December 22, NVIDIA GeForce partnered with Warner Bros. Pictures to bring you a chance to win one of three custom, officially licensed Matrix-themed modded PCs. These builds are one-of-a-kind and built with the latest GeForce RTX GPUs, and are fully watercooled and customized.
From December 14 to December 22, NVIDIA GeForce social channels will highlight these unique builds and custom Matrix Resurrections backplates, and by following you’ll have several chances to win:
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