GHIT 0254:  New High Performance Driver Kim Coffey

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Kim Coffey has been a car girl from a very young age and has recently discovered her passion for driving her car at the limit. It all started with a Supra Sunday with NASA and once the hook was set, she was off. She loves and drives her 2020 Toyota Supra for HPDE events, autocrosses and has even started Sim racing. If that wasn’t enough, she often takes her lunch at a local go kart track. We thought we would go over where she is this early in her driving journey and we are looking forward to seeing where she goes and what she decides to pursue in her high performance driving future.

There were some storm induced connection issues during the middle few minutes but most were easily editable and it resolved pretty quickly.

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Highlights from this episode include:

1) We wanted to make sure to satisfy our listener requests, so just for Jeff, Chris, Chrissy, and Mental from the Everyone Racers podcast we introduce Kim Coffey to the high performance driving community.

2) How did she approach entering the new to her sport and how things have progressed to this point.

3) Kim eventually found our recent guest Dave Peters' HPDE Junkie website to locate her future track days.

4) A lot of people question the use of a classroom for HPDE. Kim provides some insightful comment on what she was able to learn from the classroom downloads at ACC.

5) Kim gives some great tips for someone going to their first HPDE to maximize their learning and improving their driving as quickly as possible.

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