EP 14: DIONYSOS (Rockstar God)

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Welcome to Episode 14 where we look at the adventures — and the strangely modern travails — of the wine-god, Dionysos, whom the Romans called Bacchus.

An ancient being, he was the exotic god of ecstasy and dance. The inventor of theater and wine, he was alternately celebrated and feared. Whereas many of the Olympic gods exploited women, he was their liberator. And his marriage to the princess Ariadne was as celebrated in Greece as that of Romeo and Juliet in Italy 3,000 years later ...

Narrated by mythologist and best-selling author, Patrick Garner, Garner's Greek Mythology is unlike any other Greek history series. Here these divine beings are viewed as if they were anything but mythical...

(Musical score includes selections from Fesliyan Studios , Free Sounds Library and klankbeeld. Many thanks to all.)

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