Nadine Aloul on Travelling and Writing as a Form of Expression, Healing, & Growth

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Nadine Alaloul is a passionate writer & performer. She is a world traveler & loves to write & dance. She is inspired by life experiences of injustice both her own & the worlds. Nadine Alaloul uses writing as a form of expression, healing, & growth.

Nadine was born in the USA but lived an early childhood in Palestine & most of her life in Canada. Both Palestine & Canada are home to her & she always looks forward to visiting the homeland. Nadine is a recent graduate of an Honors specialization in Criminology at Western University. She has always used her voice to speak up about injustices around the world & the plight of the Palestinians on & off campus. She uses art as a medium to spread awareness on social justice issues & as a medium of her own healing journey. She is a former Settlement Worker in Schools & helped in the integration of refugees into Canadian society. Nadine is currently focusing on her writing career & working on her manuscript. She wants to follow her passions & live a life that is surrounded by what she loves. Nadine is an active participant in the spoken word scene in London Ontario & Toronto, performing at both the London & Toronto poetry slam events. She has been performing for years at coffee houses, open mics, & student club events. Nadine’s poetry has been published on several online magazines, journals & zines worldwide. She has recently launched her Instagram as a platform to share her poetry with other poets & lovers of poetry around the world. She hopes to inspire people through her resilience, healing journey, & the lessons she has learned along the way.

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