The Geekscape 'Moon Knight' Season One Special!

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The Geekscape 'Moon Knight' Season One Special!

Before you get lost in this weekend's Multiverse of Madness, we still have to talk about Marvel's street level hero who just finished his premiere season on Disney+: 'Moon Knight'! The Oscar Isaac starrer brought us one of the less well known Marvel characters for casual fans and also one of the most complicated, so Ian and I are here to help guide you through all six episodes like Taweret leading you through the Afterlife! Who are the multiple personalities of Marc Spector? What was up with all of the jumping around in the story? How does the Egyptian pantheon fit in with the Asgardians from Thor? How faithful was this version of Moon Knight to the comic book versions? Will we see Moon Knight or Steven Grant or Layla again? Would it be in a 'Moon Knight' Season 2? We've got a lot to talk about so let Khonshu possess you and let's go!

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