Ep. 501 - Do You Want to Learn More About Bitcoin? with Brian De Mint

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Bitcoin is more than just magic internet money. It's the key to inclusivity and belonging!

In this segment, Brian De Mint discusses his mission to educate individuals on bitcoin, this emerging tech and asset class and how it can build bridges across our social divides in our current culture
See video here - https://youtu.be/LFZftqcEz1c


Brian was the Chief Marketing Officer for Atheneum Blockchain for 3 years and resigned in 2021 to focus more on Bitcoin/blockchain education. This led him to author Bitcoin Evangelism.

In addition to his professional experience as an executive in the blockchain industry, he has been an entrepreneur for 14 years since the age of 22 when he started a small business with his wife, Alyssa. They have grown that into a chain of locations, a parent company that invests in small businesses, digital assets, and DeFi. Brian has been investing in Bitcoin and the wider crypto market since 2014 and advising entities on their digital asset strategies since 2016.


My goal is to get individuals to register for the pre-sale of my upcoming book Bitcoin Evangelism at www.FreshlyMintedBooks.com




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