E14-B2B New Business Territory Planning

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In this episode, Neil continues to unpack the methodology around building a constant stream of new business. Early on, he highlights the fundamentals of successfully securing new business: being able to build a working plan and being prepared to do what’s required, when it’s required.

Neil then explains the steps needed to build a working plan, that revolves around your territory plan. He dives into the metrics of a territory plan and how to maximise your productivity. Finally, he concludes with a simple formula that explains how many new opportunities you need to be in contact with, so that in-turn, you’ll regularly achieve your monthly new account budget.

Throughout the episode, Neil focuses on how to identify and secure New Business that’s a good fit for you and your brand – no matter whether you’re selling to Beauty Salons, Skin Clinics or owners of Hairdressing Salons or Spray Tan Salons.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to build a new business acquisition plan that delivers results
  • How having a plan and consistent effort, achieves results
  • Examples of unproductive sales territory plans
  • The specific steps required to build your new business territory plan
  • The metrics and key numbers you need to calculate for your territory
  • How to calculate the number of new business contacts you need each month, to regularly achieve your new account target
  • What role your self-management and personal discipline plan in achieving your goal

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