E25-B2B Hair Salon Owner Interview - Wendy Young

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In this industry interview, Neil speaks with Wendy Young, from The Hairdresser in Greenwich, Sydney, to further his understanding of how salon owners view sales reps. Wendy’s a long-time salon owner and has built a highly successful salon with a team of 10 on the Lower North Shore of Sydney.

Wendy shares some interesting insights around the importance and business benefits of a having a salon receptionist – Wendy’s salon has two of them. Her team also only works a 4-day week, even though the salon is open 6 days. Wendy’s a big believer in encouraging her team to have a great lifestyle outside of work and in return, she’s found that by working a shorter week, they’re more productive. She also shares her thoughts on working with salespeople – there’s lots of gold sprinkled throughout the interview.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How a suburban salon can be highly successful
  • How Wendy discovered that profitability occurred once she reached a team of 7 people
  • The importance of having a clear view about managing your team and the vital role of a receptionist
  • Key thoughts around the most important sales rep behaviours and how they can impact the owner-rep relationship
  • The importance of time management, from a salon owner’s perspective

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