E27-B2C Spend-suasion – the new way to help your clients spend more

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In the first of a series of episodes aimed at the B2C (business-to-customer) part of ‘Get to Yes’, Neil discusses his new persuasion program, called ‘Spend-suasion.’ By blending spending with persuasion, this new method helps you, help your clients, to spend more when they’re booking, re-booking or during a retail sale. It was specifically created to increase to comfort level of beauty or dermal therapists, laser technicians, cosmetic injectors, clinicians, cosmetic physicians, practice managers, as well as salon and clinic owners, when talking to clients about booking and buying.

Many of you already know there’s only two ways to grow your business – attracting new clients or doing more with your existing clients. ‘Spend-suasion’ focuses on lifting your average client transaction – which is where great profits lie, for both salons and clinics. During the episode, Neil proposes that selling is passé and that instead, there’s a new way to communicate with your clients – through persuasion. It’s a much softer, more comfortable and more conversational method of talking to your clients, which guides them (without pressure or push) to the best solution for them.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How improving your average client transaction, is more profitable
  • Understand the basics of persuasion
  • The 5 KPI’s that your team needs to focus on
  • Whether you’re a 1-hour therapist or a 1,000-hour therapist
  • How to join a webinar to start the journey of learning the new skill of persuasion
  • Where to join our members only Facebook group, The Salon + Clinic Hub

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