E33-B2C Interview with Laura Elkaslassy - Managing your clinics cashflow post job-keeper

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If you want to learn some simple financial steps you can take to secure the future of your clinic, this episode is a great place to start. Neil’s joined by his guest, Laura Elkaslassy, who’s a certified Profit First™ Professional who’s amazingly skilled at keeping financial conversations real, and easy to understand.

Laura’s passion for profitability, has helped numerous owners to build sustainable businesses - by learning how to generate profit, structure systems for financial success, and earn the income they deserve. By exploring and implementing the Profit First™ system in her own businesses as well as for clients, Laura’s experienced tremendous growth, improved management, and inspirational innovation. As a result, Laura is now the CEO of Profit First Professionals in Australia.

Neil and Laura discuss options to manage and grow your clinic’s cashflow after Job Keeper and the impacts on your business’ profitability with the coming decline in government subsidies.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to use Profit First™ to improve your business cashflow
  • How the Profit First™ system can help you and your clinic, in an unexpected situation
  • Laura’s tip for preparing your business after Job Keeper

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