E38: B2C Interview w/- Craig Minter –Transform your clinic profit and cashflow

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Neil’s guest is Craig Minter, a CPA Accountant with 20+ years’ experience working with businesses across the world who turn over AU$50,000 – $200,000,000. Craig is also a Certified Profit First Professional and ‘Fix This Next’ Advisor. His firm, Mints CD Consulting, is one of a select few Australia-wide, that’s trained in both of Mike Michalowicz’s methodologies – Profit First and Fix This Next.

This episode will really get your thinking. Craig has a strong focus on cashflow – the number one issue facing most small businesses – and using the Profit FirstⓇ methodology to project that cashflow into the future, so you have peace of mind about what’s lies ahead. His approach is simple yet effective, to start your path toward profit transformation. As he moves through the steps, Craig expands on how human behaviours can get in the way of transformation… which is a little deep, but though provoking.

The conversation then moves to ways you can feel safe with your financial situation and in doing so, your mind moves on to tackle other challenges. Craig explains how he’s observed his clients experience amazing growth, once they’ve sorted their financial concerns.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Simple steps to transform your clinic profit and cashflow
  • The importance of having a simple cashflow system
  • Some Profit FirstⓇ fundamentals to help you manage your cashflow and profit

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