Billy West Returns Encore

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In this ENCORE presentation of a classic GGACP episode, Gilbert and Frank talk to comedian, voice actor and fan favorite Billy West about bad sight gags, one-joke comedians, post-stroke Stooges, the legend of "Grandpa" Al Lewis, the genius of June Foray and Frank Welker and the magnificence of the Buddy Rich and Paul Anka rants. Also, Larry Fine plays Stanley Kowalski, Lou Jacobi inspires Dr. Zoidberg, Jay Leno messes with James Mason's head and Jerry Lewis meets SpongeBob SquarePants. PLUS: The Mad Russian! Peg Leg Bates! Dueling Peter Lorres! Ren & Stimpy turn 30! The brilliance of Larry Storch! And the triumphant return of the Jackie puppet!

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