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Take a sneak peek at our upcoming production of God TALKS TO AN AGNOSTIC with an interview with creator Don Mays courtesy Oliver 'SydeSho' Arias.
God Talks To An Agnostic is presented by The Wilbury Theatre Group in collaboration with AFRI Productions, with support from the Rhode Island Foundation’s Bannister Black Philanthropy Fund, and an Engagement, Services, and Resiliency grant from the Rhode Island Dept. of Commerce.

Written and directed by Don Mays and pitted against the backdrop of the racial and cultural issues of today with original music by Ashley Frith and featuring Rose Weaver as the Voice of God, this innovative new twelve-part audio play is a compelling exploration of the impact of religion on race, Black culture and a collective need for faith in something larger than ourselves.

GOD TALKS TO AN AGNOSTIC is written and directed by Don Mays, with music by Ashley Frith, sound design and production by Andy Russ, and production management by Annalee Cavallaro.

Featuring performances by Don Mays, Rose Weaver, Jackie Davis, Rudy Ru Cabrera, Pamela Lambert, Daraja Hinds, Jason Quinn, Jeff Hodge, Tania Montenegro, Michelle Watson, Cilla Bento, Mindy Britto, Lorraine Guerra, Tânia Montenegro, and Becci Davis.

Learn more at thewilburygroup.org/agnostic

Support the show (https://thewilburygroup.org/support.html)

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