The Majesty and Mystery of the Universe Part 1

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The universe is filled with "known unknowns" to quote the former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. They are fascinating, mysterious and worthy of our attention. There are all sorts of wonderous and fantastically mysterious light sculptures in the cosmos. We talk about the mysteries of stars, galaxies, galaxy structures, fast radio bursts, gamma ray bursts, and all kinds of other things that presently remain a mystery to astronomers, cosmologists, and astrophysicists. And we think all these great unknowns point to the glory of God in Christ. So come and see what's up in our marvelous universe and be amazed by what we don't know!

Some of the mysteries mentioned in this series for your further exploration! Note there are not specific "Christian" points of view expressed in these websites and resources and do not necessarily reflect the views of Wayne, Dan, Good Heavens, or Watchman Fellowship, Inc.

Mysterious light:



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