GrandTheft Audio #1- Rockstar Wins the Console War

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Listen to the brand-new podcast from! This week, Dayna, Mucu and Soseki cover the surprise DLC announcement, the legalization of prostitution, and more! 1. Intro and Welcome 2. GTA Expansions going to PS3, PC- March 30th 3. Chinatown Wars goes to iPhone 4. Possible GTA V announcement at E3? 5. What to expect in the next GTA? Burnout Paradise style MP? 6. Red Dead Redemption Update 7. L.A. Noire/Agent fiasco. 8. Discuss Soseki’s Article on legalizing Prostitution and how that would affect GTA. 9. Open it up to everything game industry. 10. Personal game of the year for 2009 11. What are we playing now? 12. Shout-outs and closing -Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments!

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