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Joy Hiler - Epicure Leader
Joy Hiler – Epicure Leader

Think you’re ready for Joy Hiler?

No…you’re not.

But what the heck, it’s time to buckle up for a fun conversation with one of the more passionate, enthusiastic people we’ve had on this show!

And wouldn’t you know it, she done went and added an opportunity for us all to help a good cause for the area.

Hit play, and let’s get started down that dusty trail for another adventure to hear Joy talk about how tasty yet healthy meals from Epicure can help our local community raise money for a Mobile Spay and Neuter Clinic, and more! 🙂

Support Joy, her friend Candy Morasch and others raise money for a county Mobile Spay and Neuter Clinic by reaching out at the contact information below!

Contact Joy and pickup an Epic Life Collection today –

Or Call – 541-659-1125

Show Notes

Epicure Fundraiser for a Local Spay & Neuter Clinic for Josephine County

Why We Moved to Josephine County

A Ground Floor Opportunity

Beyond Pot Lady: What Led Me Into the Self-Employed / Direct Sales Line of Work

  • Lifetime Cookware | Arbonne | Epicure

Amazing! Getting to Know Epicure’s Quality Food Line

Holy Bubbly Cauldron of Extraordinary Cheese Dip!

  • The Epic Life Collection – It’s All About Fresh

Virtual vs In Home Meetups: How COVID-19 Has Effected Direct Sales Companies

No Risk It, No Biscuit: Swinging for Global Director in the Next 12-months

  • I’m a Helpaholic

Believe in Your Dreams – The Stories of the Founders of Dutch Bros, Epicure and Arbonne


Joy: Let’s be a success story together. That’s our inspiration for our family is Travis and Dane because I mean, they had a dream and they didn’t let anything stop them.

Walt Disney, same thing. Colonel Sanders, same thing.

Babe Ruth held the world record for home runs. And what people don’t know about Babe Ruth, and he probably still holds the world record for strikeouts because he swung and everything that came down the plate.

That’s what I do. I swing and everything.

You know, what’s the worst that could happen?

Intro: There’s a place in Southern Oregon, filled with gorgeous natural beauty, friendly yet independent people and a mild, comfortable climate.

That place is called Grants Pass.

These are the stories of the people that live and work Josephine County. These are the movers and shakers that make this place of the best.

This is Grants Pass VIP.

Brian: Joy Hiler has been with Epicure for two months is partnering with Once Upon a Horse to fundraise for a mobile spay and neuter clinic because they believe in helping with the pet population.

Joy Hiler, welcome to Grants Pass VIP.

Joy: Thank you.

Brian: So why don’t you let us know a little bit about who you are and how people might know you.

Joy: People might know me because I’ve been in the community between scouting. We raised our children here we have a bunch of kids here that went through North Valley High School, and I’ve been a member of the Chamber of Commerce for about 21 years.

I sold cookware here in the valley, and I’ve sold Arbonne here in the valley for 21 years and recently I came across this Epicure.

Epicure has become the mainstay for me in passion. I’m so passionate about sharing Epicure with everybody. So my girlfriend Candy, she’s sells Arbonne, we’ve known each other for years, and our friend Audrey, we are talking to Audrey about it too.

Epicure has a fundraising program and I was so brand new to Epicure and Audrey is just a couple of weeks in further than me. So Candy said, there’s a fundraiser. And we said yeah. So Audrey and Candy and I are partnering and doing this fundraiser and we’re dragging other people in with us because we cannot do it by ourselves.

The fundraiser is through Epicure. They have boxes pre-made little boxes of it’s like a meal plan for a week. And so you get six pouches, five meal pouches, and in the dessert pouch. It’s $25 and the organization gets 40%.

So we’re selling selling selling fundraiser boxes because we need to raise money to buy a mobile spay and neuter clinic for Josephine County.

This comes so deep in Candy’s soul to help animals. And now she’s drugged Audrey and me into it and several more, we have several more of our friends that are on board helping us with these Epicure kits.

Because of the pet population you know there’s a gal here in town that does a voucher that you can get that will help you with the cost of the spay and neutering of your animals. However, it doesn’t cover the cost and the veterinarians are booked so far out.

Most people can’t get in before they’ve had a couple more litters of you know, critters.

What Candy and I and Audrey are working on are getting this mobile spay and neuter clinic for the Josephine county so that it can go travel where the people are, it can go out to Williams, it can go to Cave Junction and Selma and the outer line communities out here in Merlin and stuff.

And help people with their spaying and neutering.

In order for us to do that we need deep pockets and long arms, because it’s not cheap, it’s not going to be cheap to do.

However, we’re so passionate about it, we know that just because it’s never been done doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.

So, you know, we’re just taking it inch by inch, because that’s how we believe that life is a cinch. You know, if we take it yard by yard, it’s going to be hard. So we just keep selling our fundraiser boxes.

And we just today found out that Thomas in Hospitality Group bought 10 boxes from us.

We love corporate sponsorship.

What we’re going for now is to find corporations here in the area and even out of the area, it doesn’t matter to us, that want to sponsor kits for all their employees for Christmas, because the holidays are coming.

So what would be a better gift for your employees than a week’s worth of meals?

Like you can give them you know, a coffee card or you can give them something but if you give them an Epicure fundraiser kit they’re going to eat for an entire week.

Now because Candy and Audrey are single gals, they would eat for three or four weeks. Because it’s like every pouches four to six servings. And so for the single gals you know or single guys, the Epicure packages are gonna last longer than a week but for a family of four. It’s going to be perfect for a week’s worth of meals.

So wouldn’t that be awesome?

Wouldn’t it be awesome for some of the corporations here in Grants Pass and in outer line committees to sponsor fundraiser boxes for their employees, which would help us so much in raising our funds would help us.

Brain: That’s fabulous.

So what’s the goal? What’s it going to take to be able to get that?

Joy: Well, it’s a $250,000 unit, which is why if we could get corporate sponsors to come in with 50,000, you know, we’d be there.

Brian: Yeah.

Joy: Because our fundraising efforts have just recently begun, we’ve only been in a couple of months, we’ve sold hundreds of boxes of fundraiser boxes, about the gearboxes.

And people like Dave Thomason stepping up and saying, Yeah, I’ll by 10. And then K & L Chem Dry, here in Grants Pass, they bought 10.

If we can even sell them by 10s, then that’s going to add up rather quickly as well.

Anybody that wants to do the corporate sponsorship like that, we would love to have them contact us. And they can buy as many as they want, by 100. If that’s what they want to buy, we just feel like it’s such an incredible gift to give someone a week’s worth of meals, isn’t it?

Brian: Fabulous.

All right. So we’re meeting here just to give everyone an idea of where we’re meeting in early August to 2021. Here, we’re on Joy’s property and you said you’ve been here since 87?

Joy: Yep.

Brian: Were you already in Josephine County, what originally brought you here?

Joy: My husband and I were 20 something and we lived in San Diego. And then we found out we were expecting, and my husband said, I never wanted to raise kids in the city. And he said, Isn’t there any way like, do we have to live here?

You know, that was just not what our idea was. And we bought our first house when we were 19. I was 19. Donnie was 20 when we bought our first house in San Diego. And so he said, Well, you know, I don’t want to live here.

Came up to Shasta and we looked at Shasta. And when I was 17, my house burned down and so I lost everything. So when we came up to Mount Shasta, it was too expensive for us because we were just kids, you know, but also I needed to be in a fire district. I felt really strongly that we had to be someplace where there were firefighters.

We looked in the San Diego paper and there was property in Oregon $1,000 an acre. And so we contacted the realtor that had it listed.

His name is Randy Richardson. He has since retired.

However, Randy Richardson said, Well, I can show you some property. So we came up when our son Kenny was a teeny tiny baby. And we carried him all over looking at properties. We finally bought one on Forest Glen.

So I think back in 1984, 85, we bought the property on Forest Glen off of Azalea drive.

And then we were sitting at home one day, we sold our house, we’re sitting in a rental one day, my husband said, It’s not enough, five acres is not enough.

We called Randy Richardson and we said five acres is not enough. And he said, You’ll never believe the piece of paper, because dig that Brian back in the day, the multiple listings actually came on paper. They weren’t flash drive and all over the place like they are now.

A piece of paper came on Randy’s desk, 30 acres $30,000. And so we said well, we’ll be there tomorrow. And we had already had another son by then and he was teeny tiny.

So we came up here when Kenny was tiny and when Mark was tiny.

We said you know, Randy, we want it to buy it sight unseen.

He says I would never do that because I know y’all too well. Because we want very specific, we want trees we want privacy, you know, so he said come and look at it.

So we flew up here on New Year’s Eve. Around the day before New Year’s, Randy showed us on New Year’s Eve. We bought it on New Year’s Day and then we had to go back to San Diego and pay for it.

We wanted to just be debt-free and move to Oregon and live the rest of our lives.

So then we had another baby and we said, Oh, we have to get the heck out of town. We cannot, like we’ve got to get out of San Diego, you know, and we had already bought another house by then. We sold the place on Forest Glen, bought this, bought a house in San Diego, flipped it, then said we’ve got to get out of San Diego.

So we moved up here in 1990 when Eric was a tiny baby. Oregon brought us back three times with three small children.

And then we’ve had the honor of acquiring two more kids since we got here. We’re totally stoked about that.

We’ve been building our house, like I said, living on the property since 1990 and it’s been an incredible experience. A tremendous amount of personal growth. Yeah, we had no power, no flush potties, no running water for 17 years.

So when somebody suggests we go camping, I suggest we not.

The only way I will go camping is at the Hilton. There has to be a water spa and carpeting. You know, I’m very specific with my “camping”, you know, been there, done that. Not doing that again, I’m not.

It’s traumatic. It’s PTSD for me to camp again.

However, now we live in this gorgeous mansion that my husband built and LED lights It was just by sheer luck that I found Epicure because I wasn’t shopping for a new job.

I was actually retired and living on the land, you know, just farming out here. You’ve seen all we have going on.

Brian: Yeah.

Joy: Peacock, Hen. You know we had a Bear come through the other day. We have Chickens. We have Koi. I mean, I was not looking for more on my plate.

And then I ran into Epicure and said, You know what everyone has to eat. And because epicure is gluten-free, non-GMO vegan, and salt and sugar conscious. I said, Well, how is that possible that Epicure has been in business for 25 years and we’ve never heard of them?

And it’s because they’re from Canada.

Brian: Oh.

Joy: Epicure started in Canada, and has only been in the United States for two years. When I saw that it was only in the United States for two years, less than two years, a couple of months ago, you know, and I said, You know what, this is a ground floor opportunity to bring Epicure to the United States.

So if I could bring the word of the gluten-free, good food real fast in and out of the kitchen, how cool would that be?

And so I’m further into it, and now realizing that people are tired of cooking and people are busy. So we have busy people tired of cooking want good food, don’t maybe don’t know how to do it.

So Epicure has meal solution pouches that all you have to do is follow the directions on the back put this in a pan do this do that. And even my girlfriend Candy only has a kitchen because it came with the house. That’s the only reason why she has a kitchen and she can cook with Epicure.

Brian: Yeah.

Joy: So I’m pretty sure if Candy can cook with Epicure. Anybody can because it’s so easy to do.

The further I get into the Epicure culture, the more excited I am about it because this mother and daughter are the CEO and the founder of Epicure like I said in Canada, and they’re passionate about bringing gluten-free, they triple test it to make sure there’s no gluten in it.

There are no nuts in the entire factory.

So we have a grandson that is deathly allergic to nuts. So how many people are allergic to nuts?

Epicure doesn’t even have nuts in the factory. There’s no gluten in the factory.

So they’re absolutely passionate about bringing this healthy food clean eating now to America. Now we’re lucky enough to have in the United States. So yeah, I drink the Kool-Aid.

Now I’m a lifer, I’m in, I’m in Brian, it’s cool stuff ever.

The other thing I was gonna tell you about it is that I just promoted to what’s called Leader. So that’s, I think five ranks in two months, it’s been so easy to talk to people and tell them about the fundraiser, I have several other people that are starting fundraisers for their organizations.

It’s just been so incredible to be able to help people raise funds for their organizations. And for Once Upon A Horse, you know, for us to partner and do the spay and neuter clinic, just to bring good food to families, make it so simple for families to go in the kitchen and have food and sit at a table and eat together, it’s just been incredible.

Anyway, I’m super stoked about it and I could just talk for hours about Epicure.

Brian: That’s great.

So what originally led you into this lifestyle into this line of work?

Joy: Well, I sold Arbonne for 21 years. Before I did Arbonne, I did Lifetime Cookware. A lot of people here in town used to call me the pot lady, because I sold pots, you know, and I did that for 15 years.

I’m kind of a…well, I wouldn’t really say kind of, I am a brat when it comes to working for someone else.

Because I want to own my life. I want to own my time. I have responsibility here at the house, I have to go out and take care of the Hens and take care of my Peacock and the Koi.

I mean, I have actual responsibilities, you know, within my family, having a nine to five for me never worked. And because I want to determine how much I make when you work for someone else, it’s like, well, I think I’m gonna pay you $10 an hour. But what if I think I’m worth $100 an hour?

Am I ever going to in that job work up to $100 an hour?

What are the chances of that happening?

Probably not.

So if I want to make $100 an hour or $1,000 a day, that’s really up to me to do that. And the only way that I’ve ever found to do that is not by working a job because I believe that J O B represents, Just Over Broke.

Apland Auto Body here in town, they pay what’s called a living wage, so they pay their employees enough that they don’t have to get a second job. But there are so many people that work two and three jobs, do side gigs just to feed their families.

Well with Epicure because I do the Epicure and Candy does the Arbonne, when you do a home-based business like that a direct sales like Arbonne or Epicure, what ends up happening is you determine your own value by how much you want to work.

I’m really good at self-working, you know, nobody has to tell me what to do or what time to go to work.

I was a paralegal in my 20s and I went to work all the time and did paralegal work while I was a debt collector, paralegal. I was mean, I would take dining room tables with cereal on them and put the cereal on the counter, and take the dining room table because it was secured by my client’s debt.

The person that stopped paying, and it was like, If you’re not going to pay, I’m taking the table.

When I got to Oregon, I didn’t want to be that person anymore. I didn’t want to be the person that said, Tough luck, Too bad, you’re having hard times we don’t care.

I didn’t want to be that person.

I started doing direct sales when I moved to Oregon because we were building our house. And I found Lifetime Cookware, I could apparently sell Lifetime Cookware.

So that was kind of where I got the bug, you know, of not working for somebody else was through my friends with the Lifetime Cookware. And there are so many people in Grants Pass and their surrounding communities that have their Lifetime Cookware, and will always have their cookware and their children will have it and their grandchildren will have it.

Because when I find something that I believe in passionately, there’s no stopping me.

So that’s why I did the cookware for 15 years. And then I got tired of working at night I raised my kids through high school with the cookware. And I just got tired of working at night because I had to do separate parties all the time.

So after I got done doing the dinner parties, and I just couldn’t work at night anymore. Arbonne rescued me. And I could do Arbonne during the day. Anytime I wanted to I could do Arbonne.

Just recently, like I said, I was basically retired, not looking for anything else and then Epicure found me. And then I said, Okay, you know, there are so many opportunities available and I’m still young, so why not take on a project?

And then for Candy and I and Audrey to feel the spay and the neutering you know, that it’s the saddest thing ever, because there’s people that cannot afford to spay or neuter animals.

There’s animals running amok everywhere and feral cats they tear apart trash cans, because there’s folks that cannot afford spaying and neutering.

I mean, why not?

Brian: Yeah.

Joy: Why not get a mobile spay and neuter clinic? Why not? Let’s do it.

Brian: That’s great.

So you were talking about the boxes that people can purchase. And then I imagine there are individual products that people can purchase?

Joy: Yes, absolutely. Absolutely.

If the if anybody wants to go to my website, J O Y H I L E R dot Epicure. Epicure, spelled E P I C U R E.

Now Brian. By the way, the definition of Epicure is, someone that likes fine wine and fine food. So that’s why the Epicure products are going to be far superior because people are like, well, so you have Montreal steak. Well, I buy that here, you know, Montreal steak seasoning.

The reason why Epicure is different is because of the sodium content. So Epicure is actually going to give you the steak seasoning and not kill you with a sodium in our epicure fundraiser boxes.

We have a taco seasoning mix.

And most people honestly Brian, most people don’t connect with their food.

If you will connect with your food and actually read what it is you’re eating. It could make a difference in your health because I had a taco seasoning pouch in my pantry. And I was in there one day and I said, Oh, I’m just curious about this. And I looked at the back of that pouch, and it has 430 milligrams of sodium per serving.

That’s how you have to read the labels.

Brian: Yeah.

Joy: That’s per serving.

So if you have two tacos, you just got 860 milligrams of sodium in the epicure taco seasoning, we have 15 milligrams of sodium. So that’s a significant difference that’s an apple and an orange you know Epicure is not even on the same planet is that stuff and if it was, it would be a $12 pouch because it’s so incredible.

Brian: That’s great.

Joy: So incredible. You know, the other thing about Epicure that is so amazing, is if you want to store your food like if you’re a prepper and you’re you want to gather some food up. Epicure because it’s vacuum-sealed and in the sealed pouches, so the jars are vacuum sealed and full to the top by the way, and the pouches are vacuum-sealed, they will last forever.

The only thing for the flavor is you might get a little bit of diminished flavor. But they’re vacuum-sealed so they’re supposed to last forever. Oh, so they’re great to store to take camping. They’re just all around. Amazing.

Brian: That’s great.

Commercial Break: Okay, let’s take a break from that conversation.

I wanted to bring up a question for you, during these crazy times, do you feel like your business is indestructible? Most people don’t?

And if not, the real question is why? And what can you do to make it as indestructible as possible?

Well, that’s the basis of my new book, nine ways to Amazon proof your business. Let me talk about what we discuss in the first chapter, determine focus. So one of the main ways that you can Amazon proof your business is by determining the focus of your business. And the real problem isn’t that you’re not doing enough, the real problem is, is that you may be doing too many things in too many places.

So one of the things I suggest is decide whether your focus is going to be acquisition, ascension, or monetization. And I go into the details of what that means in this chapter. It’s really the only three ways that you can grow your business. And if you just do that one step of determining focus, you can have a huge change in your entire business. But I also have eight other ways to Amazon proof your business, basically the idea of making it competition proof to even someone as big as

So if you’d like to get your hands on a free copy of my book, go to sign up and you will get a free copy and get the chance to purchase a physical copy of it for a special price. In addition to that, if you happen to be in the Josephine County area or nearby, and you’re looking to have a speaker come and discuss these type of issues with your organization, club or group of friends, then I have a limited calendar that I may be able to fit you into.

Go check out, slash speaking and fill out the application. We’ll be sure and get back to you on that. And now let’s get back to our show.

Brian: What’s your top-selling product?

I know you’ve only been involved a couple months.

Joy: Yeah, only a couple months and you know what, Brian?

There’s so many of them.

We have one that’s called, Cha Cha Chilli and that flies out the door.

We have Cheddar Jalapeno Cornbread, we can’t keep that in stock.

Absolutely famous for Chimichurri.

And we have this one thing it’s called, The Extraordinary Cheese Dip.

We use Lemon Dilly which is also good on your salmon. So Lemon Dilly CCB which is kind of a cheesy type thing and this other one is called, Three Onion. Mix those together with light mayonnaise, cream cheese and shredded cheese. Pop it in the oven or the microwave and you will get a bubbly cauldron of extraordinary cheese dip.

The Epicure products, our dips, marinades, dry rubs, you know the pre-done pouches.

I mean, we sell everything, we have what’s called, The Epic Life Collection, and that has a little bit of everything in it. And also comes with some portion control cups because people either don’t eat enough or they eat too much. So if you were to eat with those portion control cups, you’d be money.

The other thing I was going to tell you is in the gluten free world because I have to eat gluten free, it is difficult at best to get good desserts.

So Epicure is famous for their Carrot Cake that can also be used for zucchini bread or carrot you know, Zucchini Cake, we have what’s called, Summer Berry. And the Summer Berry is a sugar dip that you take a couple of tablespoons, put in your cool whip and you can eat it with a fork.

It’s so good, but it’s made to dip your fruit in.

We made it at Candy’s house last week and she ate it with a fork. She just took a fork and ate it right out of the bowl.

So the Summer Berry sugar dip is amazing. And obviously, you want to if you’re not worried about sugar, go ahead and eat the sugar dip.

However, you know, everything else, it’s not just sugar dip.

So let’s see the Summer Berry is phenomenal.

But it comes in, The Epic Life Collection. So The Epic Life Collection, like I said, it just gives you a smattering of all the products that you can try.

So that’s what I recommend if people want to go to my website and get that. That’s where I recommend people start.

We have salad dressing too. So we have Balsamic Vinegar, Creamy Ranch, Caesar Greek.

Everything fresh at home, Brian, it’s all about fresh. I think people are tired of eating out.

Brian: Yeah.

Joy: Because a lot of the times I mean, we eat at Tap Rock all the time. We love to eat at Tap Rock and Taroko. We love to support Tacomania in our local community, we love to support local.

It’s just nothing like eating at home.

Brian: And sometimes they don’t have a choice. So I mean just recently we’ve been going through the COVID-19 situation.

How has these events in the past year and a half, two years affected your life and your business?

Joy: From what I understand it never slowed me down doing anything else but from what I understand with Epicure, people went to virtual parties on zoom parties, you know, and now they’re saying because Canada is starting to open up a little bit, but now they’re saying, to go back to in-home parties.

Because if you’ve never had the Summer Berry sugar dip, or you’ve never experienced our good Mexican Fast, you know, like a full Mexican meal in 15 minutes tough to do that online.

So if you actually want to be experiential, like I am, in person is the only way to do that.

I’m happy to do it in person. If anybody wants to try the extraordinary cheese dip, I will make them a bubbly cauldron of cheese dip. And then, because I can’t do any dairy, I do my bubbly cauldron of cheese dip with veganaise there’s fake cream cheese over at Winco.

And I get fake shredded cheese at Winco.

So I’m still able to do the cheese dip with all my fake stuff with all my non-dairy stuff and it turns out beautifully.

If anybody has had to sacrifice gluten and all the other stuff, maybe Epicure can bring that back for them. Because of their strict guidelines, the way they manufacture their stuff. And with all the fake dairy products out there, there is no reason for people not to be able to participate.

Brian: Yeah.

Joy: And that is amazing.

Brian: Wow, that’s just great.

Joy: There’s so many products, Brian, so I just talk all day long about the Epicure products.

Brian: Yeah, that’s great.

It’s important to be enthusiastic.

Joy: I think that usually helps doesn’t it?

Brian: Yeah.

If you and I were to get together and we could talk before then but just for the sake of argument we were to get together in a year. And we were to talk about all the things that happened over the past 12 months, what would have had to have happened for you to feel happy with your progress both professionally and personally?

Joy: A year from now I want to be a Global Director with Epicure, Global Director. I’m a Leader right now. So I have about I think it’s five more rungs, six more rank advancements to go.

So Global Director is where I’m going with Epicure and that we would have Epicure on the side of a mobile pet unit.

Brian: Yeah.

Joy: The spay and neuter clinic. That’s our goal.

And then if I could just insert a vision that I see for Candy is, I see Candy Morasch being a Regional Vice President with Arbonne, because this year that we’re looking at is an incredible one. So many possibilities.

Candy, and I we just swing at everything comes over the plate.

Brian: Yeah.

Joy: So I see incredible things happening for us.

Audrey our other girl. I see her being a Global Director as well. It’s huge. It’s just huge what’s going to happen in the next year.

Brian: And what’s that going to do for you?

It’s clear what would happen if you were able to get the clinic. What does Global Director mean to you?

Joy: What Global Director means to me is how many people I would have helped along the way because I’m a Helpaholic Brian. I’m an Helpalcoholic.

Seriously, I love to help people and I love to be right in the middle of it. And transformation is one of my favorite things, to watch someone transform, you know, so if someone had been out of work, and maybe COVID hasn’t been good to them, or their unemployment ran out.

If they start with Epicure. And they start to progress through the ranks and help other people. Because that’s the way to get to the top is you help enough people get what they want, and you get what you want.

So just the transformation of being able to watch somebody, maybe get that lifestyle bonus to where they can afford to go get a new car.

There are people that cannot right now, right now, as we speak. There are people that cannot afford groceries. So what if that person that can’t afford groceries a year from now, was making $1,000 a week and went from not being able to even put gas in their car to be in a huge success story?

That’s what I want to see is transformation. I’m looking for transformation in the next year.

Who can I help on their journey?

Brian: Awesome.

What are the obstacles in your way of getting there?

Joy: I don’t have any.

They asked me that all the time. People ask me all the time.

And I say, you know, can you hear my clocks? (Joy’s clocks started chiming in the background)

Brian: Yeah.

Joy: Aren’t they cool?

I see green lights. When I wake up in the morning, I see green lights.

And our kids were hurdle runners, you know, track hurdlers in high school. And I used to watch them and they’re the front leg has to come up and the back leg has to come up and just watching them effortlessly go over the hurdles.

It just inspired me because yeah, every once in a while their back toe caught on one and knocked it down. Guess what? They finished the race. They finished the race.

And that’s what we are in this family. We finished the race. We don’t ever give up. We never give up.

I see green lights all the way on the journey. I think that it’s an incredible one. I’m excited to be on it and I look forward to sharing it with as many people as I can.

Stop and think about that for a second Brian.

In Oregon, I sponsored 16 people last month in Oregon, Alabama, and Arizona. We had a new Team Member come in on Arizona through chef Christie in her team.

So stop and think about that for just a moment for the state of Oregon. That’s 12 consultants in the state of Oregon. And I found out we have one in Oregon City.

So I have a consultant in Oregon City and someone else does. That’s 12 consultants in Oregon.

Brian: Wow.

Joy: Okay, a year from now, I want there to be way more than 12.

Brian: Yeah.

Joy: Way more than 12.

I put little pins map pins up on a map in my office upstairs. I want every state to be Team Hiler, every single state. And I mean, if it’s only been in the United States for two years, how many people really know how much room is there at the top ground floor?

Like when I say ground floor opportunity. 12 consultants in the entire state of Oregon. That’s just a mind-blower.

That’s like Google opportunity, right?

That’s like for being a local here.

I’ll tell you a story. Dutch Bros. These are two brothers that had a dream. And they were doing the Dutcher Creek Golf Course down there and they were done. And they’re farmers, you know, they have homes and stuff where they’re growing things.

And they got bored.

What are we going to do next? What are we going to do next?

Oh, well, why don’t we sell sweet coffee?

So the brothers, they go down to Walmart.

Hey, would you mind if we set up a kiosk out in front and sell sweet coffee?

And Walmart said, Yeah, go ahead.

Well, Dane and Travis, here they are selling sweet coffee at Walmart. And they’d be like, Hey, man, how’s your day going?

Hey, you want what you had yesterday?

And they were such incredible personalities. People were like a magnet to them.

They wanted what they were drinking because they were so incredible.

So here they are, causing ruckus out in front of Walmart. And well, you know, we’re having traffic jams. We’re not really sure that we can let y’all clog the whole parking lot.

Because here they are, selling sweet coffee in the parking lot of Walmart.

Who doesn’t want that?

So they ended up getting the kiosk downtown and then buying the coffee house. And then one thing after another after another, and the people in the beginning, in the very beginning, Travis and Dane would approach their friends and say $5,000, and you can have a stand.

People were saying, either here’s my check, or they were saying you have got to be kidding me, you guys are crazy to think that anyone is going to spend $3 for a cup of coffee. Not much less $5,000 for a stand, like you’re talking about $5,000, Why would I do that?

So for the people that wrote the check, they’re super happy they did. They’re like, yes!

Because how much did they make on that $5,000 check?

For the folks that did not write the check. I’m pretty sure they’ve regretted it every day since then.

So when I say ground floor opportunity $99 for a starter kit. I mean, write the check for $99 because the possibilities are endless.

If we know people in Florida and Texas and Michigan, most people know people in every state. Not everybody has to cook but everybody has to eat, get on the bandwagon.

Let’s be a success story together.

That’s our inspiration for our family is Travis and Dane because I mean, they had a dream, and they didn’t let anything stop them.

Walt Disney, same thing.

Colonel Sanders, same thing.

Babe Ruth held the world record for home runs until it was broken. And what people don’t know about Babe Ruth is he also held the world record for strikes.

And he probably still holds the world record for strikeouts, because he swung and everything that came down to plate.

That’s what I do. I swing and everything, you know, what’s the worst that can happen?

It’s either a ball or a strike or a homerun?

I mean, what is the absolute worst that’s gonna happen?

So that’s what I would say to people. I would say, Travis and Dane, Dutch Bros are now spreading.

My girlfriend Lisa, she and her family moved to Arkansas and started Seven Brew Coffee and they just opened their 13th location and sold franchises.

So, you know, they had a dream. And they didn’t think it was going to happen in Grants Pass, so they had family in Arkansas.

So they moved to Arkansas and now they’re huge. Everybody can look them up to Seven Brewed Coffee in Arkansas. Huge, amazing.

That’s what I would encourage. I would encourage anybody that has given up on having a dream given up like it’s not going to happen, right. There’s no way possible. I’m 59 and I still have dreams, right. Audrey’s 87, Candy 74.

We’re never too old to have dreams ever. And if you’ve given up on your dream you’ve given up on life. If someone has a dream, whether it’s income or being an alcoholic, I mean, I don’t think anybody ever wakes up and says, I want to sell chili.

Do you think anybody does that?

Of course not.

Maybe I could sell some Summer Berry today. Maybe my day is gonna end up with some Cheddar Jalapeno Cornbread, you know, it’s like, I don’t think anybody really wakes up and aspires.

I just go back to the founder of Epicure and not being able to feed her children healthy food. And so she started growing food in her backyard growing spices, growing lavender, growing rosemary, growing everything in her backyard making her own little tinctures and stuff you know, in recipes in her kitchen.

Now, she’s Epicure.

The same with the Arbonne story.

The Arbonne story has been an inspiration for me for 21 years, Petter Morck, he had a dream, and he knew that skin being the largest organ on our body, it was important for that what we put on it be safe.

So Petter was another guy in the barn and so he hired microbiologist and stuff to create formulas safe to put on the skin. Because there’s other stuff out there that’s pink that’s not safe for the skin. That’s just my opinion. That’s my disclaimer.

Petter wanted the skincare that we use to be safe to put on our skin because it absorbs into our body. So Petter decided in our bond Switzerland to make lotions and potions, put them in jars, start distributing them, and now Arbonne is 40 years old.

Arbone is 40 years old because Petter had a dream. You know, he had a dream he wanted to bring this to the world. And he has, Arbone is international.

It’s not that I’m not passionate about Arbone anymore. It’s just that I’m going with Epicure, Candy’s doing Arbonne, we’re splitting it right down the middle. I do the Epicure, Candy does the Arbonne focused energy on what we’re doing?

Yeah, well I mean, that’s beyond inspirational Joy, it’s been really great. Why don’t you remind all the listeners, how they can find out more about Epicure and everything.

Joy: So I give everybody my telephone number?

Brian: We can decide to include that in the in the description.

Joy: You can put that in later?

Brian: We’ll put it in the description. You can see the telephone number there.

Joy: Okay, how about Would probably be the best place for somebody to go, you can’t sign up there, you have to contact me to sign up with your $99.

And by the way, $225 worth of merchandise. It’s not just you know your name on a piece of paper, you actually get a kit, a starter kit that gets you going your business starter kit, and then

If anyone wants to try things, I recommend the Epic Live Collection.

And if there’s anyone that wants to activate a dream they’ve had for a long time. You know, for us. We love to build cars, we’re building cars.

So I’m working Epicure as hard as I can, because I have an 1960 Volkswagen in my shop that I want to build. And I don’t want anybody to tell me I can’t put hot pink glitter paint on my Volkswagen. That’s our family’s passion is building our cars.

Well my husband’s gonna retire and about a year and a half. And I want to have a significant Epicure income to support our habits are hobbies.

So if anybody has, if there’s something in your life, you say, I want a new car, I want this, I want that. Maybe just to eat better, you know, whatever it is, whatever it is, I’m happy to help with all of it.

Brian: That’s great. That’s really great.

Well, Joy Hiler. This has been a lot of fun. Thanks so much for being on Grants Pass VIP.

Joy: Thank you, Brian, for coming out to the Chateau and doing it.

Brian’s Closing Thoughts: Wow, wow, wow, Joy is an amazing person. And in addition to that, she’s a force of nature. If you can’t notice through this conversation, she is so much fun. I got so much out of our conversation and getting to know her a little better.

I met her through the Chamber of Commerce in Grants Pass, she’s just a fabulous person. There’s so many things that I think you can take from this.

One of the things is, I’m reminded of a quote, I have a mentor that uses it all the time, he says you got to build a life that you don’t need a vacation from.

Just right off the bat meeting Joy on her 30 acre ranch, and getting to see all the classic cars that they’re building there. And I helped her before we even started recording, helped her corral her chickens and her peacocks.

We just had a really good talk, just leading up to the conversation recording to things and kind of showing me this dream home that they’ve created. I mean, she is building that life that you don’t need a vacation from, which is something I think we can all appreciate.

Love how she says, I want to own my life, own my time.

That’s kind of the entrepreneurial spirit that you get from a lot of people, you’ll hear that kind of over and over again, from the people who are business owners that we’ve got had a chance to interview here, which is really cool.

It’s not for everybody but for those people who have that perspective, business ownership is kind of, it’s kind of the only option, right?

I think if you can get half of the energy that Joy has the positive energy that she exude, if any of us can get half of that and use it within our life. It’s not about personality. She has a very outgoing, very vivacious personality.

It’s not about that because we’re not all going to be that way. But if you can take some of that energy, the positive energy that she exudes, and be able to add it to your life.

That’s cool, then that’s what makes her a magnetic personality. That’s what makes her good at what she does. And it feeds back into her career, which is really, it’s really fabulous to see somebody like that.

Also someone I think you can hold a conversation with her at any time.

Not only will she get you excited about what she’s doing, I think she’ll automatically excite you about what you’re doing too. So it was fabulous meeting with Joy can’t wait to see how things go for her in the future.

Outro: Join us again on the next Grants Pass VIP brought to you by the team Helping movers and shakers in Southern Oregon and beyond stand out. That’s B R I A N J P O M B O dot com.

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